We become one from now on
Prakash Jesurajan
Princy Jesupandi
04-May-2022, St.Xavier's Church
The Wedding

Made For Each Other

The Beginning of our new Chapter in

The Wedding

The Wedding

It is an occasion, Planned by God the Almighty, Blessed by his representatives Rev. Fathers/ Priests of Saveriyarpuram. On this auspicious day, we cordially invite you to bless our wedding ceremony with your honorable presence and join us for the wedding banquet.



04 . May . 2022 at 9 : 30 am


Priceless moments in life are meant to be celebrated in the presence of the ones you love, which is why we with wide-open arms welcome you to celebrate the joyful occasion of our wedding reception in the evening.



04 . May . 2022 at 06 : 30 pm


The Wedding

The Ceremony

The wedding ceremony will begin at 09:30am on May 4th 2022 in St.Xavier's Church.

St.Xavier's Church

Saveriyarpuram, Tirunelveli,
Tamil Nadu - 627118

Way to reach the Celebration

Please, Take Thisayanvilai bus from Tirunelveli and get down at Sanganankulam bus stop. Then walk for 15 mins towards St. Xavier's Church, Saveriyarpuram while enjoying the cool breeze of nature.

The Wedding

The Reception

The Reception will start at Groom's home around 6:30pm on May 4th 2022 at Anaikarai.


Church Street, Tirunelveli,
Tamil Nadu - 627118

Way to reach the Celebration

Please, Take Thisayanvilai bus from Tirunelveli and get down at Mannarpuram bus stop. Then take the local transport (auto) from Mannarpuram to Anaikarai (just 20 mins). We will warmly welcome you at the bridegroom's house.

The Wedding


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New Jersey international airport - 30mins

Trenton airport - 45mins

Liberty airport - 1 hour 15mins

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The Wedding

Wedding Events

03 May
01 pm


Join us for the foundation of our new chapter in life.

Bride's Home, Saveriyarpuram

04 May
09. 30 am

The Wedding Ceremony

Grace our new beginning with your precious presence and blessings

St.Xavier's Church

04 May
6 pm


Let's make this memorable event, even more, sweeter with a delicious wedding banquet.

Groom's Home, Anakarai

The Wedding

Cherished moments

Precious moments are captured to relive those wonderful feelings once again. Let's create one.

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